“Rob’s Grocery”


The little girl standing in line inside of the store, waiting to get a peach ice cream cone, is me. My brother has his cone already; he’s the kid sitting outside on the bench. Memories of the neighborhood store came flooding back in my mind as I began painting.

This was the hang-out for the men that were retired. “Horse shoes” was the fair weather game of choice, unless of course, a challenge was issued from the current champ of checkers. On a day of wind driven rain, they would be joined inside the store by a few local farmers looking for a quick game of checkers. The “old timers” would have a ball trying to put the “youngsters” in their place.

If a bag of corn meal or some other grocery item was needed, the local store was the place to go. Lack of money didn’t stop people from getting their provisions; their credit was good until they could pay.

When I thought about a name for this painting – my first husband Robert crossed my mind. Back in the day, there were times when we were customers in our community grocery store. I decided on the name as a tribute to his memory. Welcome to “Rob’s Grocery.”


7 thoughts on ““Rob’s Grocery”

  1. Salima Masud

    Ms. Veale, your paintings are poetry,history and shared life on canvas. Your art is the visus of my childhood growing up in North Carolina.

    Salima Masud

  2. G. Outlaw

    Your work is beautiful and full of insightful information that keeps the past alive for future generations. Keep up the good work, my friend.

  3. Barbara Jean

    Thank you for sharing these memories. I thank God for your gifts of wisdom and knowlege to get you to this point in your life. I am so proud how you are keeping our memorries alive for us and our future generations. I look foward to read your first book on the shelf…..

    Blessings to you my dear sister,

  4. Veronica Wade

    I have never taken the time to REALLY read and look at this website until now (since I have a quick minute away from the children). I’m VERY impressed with the knowledge you have of history. Every painting is BEAUTIFUL and the text captures your very memory of what you were doing at that moment in time. I feel as if I am standing there. It’s as if history is standing still before my eyes. I thank you for sharing your talent this way. I admire you and love you dearly.


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