“Once Upon a Time, Part One” (Abandoned House)

Riding around the countryside, you’d be amazed to see so many abandoned homes. Each home has an interesting story to tell. In my mind’s eye, I can picture children playing the old, enjoyable games of yesteryear, while mom did laundry outside, boiling water to wash clothes in the big black iron pot that sat over a roaring fire.

Dad would chop wood to put in the “cook stove,” so mom could “boil the pot”, which consisted of putting collards (or salad greens), a piece of “side meat,” potatoes and corn meal dumplings (some called this “wet bread”) on top of the cook stove to boil until tender.

It is mind-boggling to think about how much work was done in one day, starting before sunrise and ending when it became too dark to see. Even the mule knew its way home!

Peace and love, along with strict moral values, were a must in most families. Oh, if walls could talk! The next time you happen upon an abandoned site, imagine the lives it came in contact with – and think of the history that happened there “once upon a time”.


2 thoughts on ““Once Upon a Time, Part One” (Abandoned House)

  1. Jeanette White

    The two paintings Once Upon A Time Part I and Part II of the old house and barn are really good. I always enjoy your work because it brings back so many great memories. But these two are especially good.

  2. Trinj

    Your God-given gift is overwhelming, my friend. Thanks so much for sharing it with the world. My prayer is that they receive with as much gratitude as I.do. You are truly a Bertie County treasure. Godspeed!!

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